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The med protect sensitive toothpaste has a triple effect against sensitive tooth necks

  • immediate
  • long-lasting
  • preventive
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The reason for sensitive dental necks is often a receding of the gums, frequently due to too intensive cleaning (too firm pressure, too hard bristles).

Med-protect sensitive toothpaste soothes sensitive, exposed tooth necks quickly and lastingly by closing the dentinal tubules and actively soothing the tooth nerve. The active ingredient complex of vitamin E and hyaluronic acid vitalises and strengthens the gums and can help to prevent the problem from progressing.

Exposed tooth necks are also more prone to caries. That is why the proven 3-fold top-smile caries protection is also used here


  • Relieves pain sensitivity on 2 levels
  • Immediate effect and long-lasting irritation relief
  • Helps to prevent further gum recession


    • Particularly suitable for exposed tooth necks and acute pain
    • Comprehensive caries protection, especially for exposed tooth necks (dentin)
    • No microplastics
    • No parabens
    • No SLS
    • No titanium dioxide

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