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top smile interdental sticks
  Interdental Sticks

Worseg top smile
Interdental Sticks


Effective and soft cleaning of interdental spaces  

Super fast and super effective.
  • Soft and flexible
  • Thoroughly remove plaque and prevents bleeding gums
  • For teeth, implants, braces and dental bridges
  • Massage the gums and helps keep them healthy


The top smile interdental sticks are soft and flexible brushes for the interdental spaces that effectively remove plaque and food residues.They clean, massage and help keep the gums healthy without massive irritation, thus preventing bleeding from the gums. The required size of the sticks is individual and is usually recommended by the attending dentist or oral hygienist. Our interdental sticks in the size XS are suitable for every mouth. These sticks are suitable for cleaning particularly narrow spaces between teeth, implants and dental bridges. Braces wearers like to use them to keep wire and brackets clean.

Interdental cleaning is a very important process in daily dental care and accounts for 45% of all oral cleaning. We recommend using the sticks in the evening before brushing your teeth. Don't be alarmed if the gums start to slightly bleed the first few times. Unless you apply strong pressure or hurt yourself painfully, this bleeding will not cause serious injury. When used correctly, light bleeding can be a sign of already inflamed gums. The good news is that the inflammation heals rather quickly. As soon as there are no more bacteria or food particles in the space between the teeth, the gums recover swiftly.


TIP: The top smile interdental sticks are for single use and should be changed daily.