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During the day, our teeth are attacked by acids. The top smile day care protects your teeth uncompromisingly during the day and even calms pain-sensitive teeth with a noticeable immediate effect. The particularly careful cleaning prevents damage to the tooth enamel and keeps your teeth healthy and naturally white for a long time. For a smile that changes the world. For a lifetime. 

Soothes even sensitive teeth with a noticeable immediate effect
  • Strong caries and periodontal protection
  • Particularly gentle cleaning power
  • Maintains the natural whiteness of your teeth
  • Does not contain microplastics
  • Does not contain parabens
  • In a recycling tube
  • A product from Austriao

TIP: o Cream particularly pain-sensitive areas several times a day with a small amount of top smile day care. This allows the active ingredients to have a longer lasting effect and soothe the  


The top smile day care toothpaste helps you with a combination of study-proven ingredients to effectively relieve the pain sensitivity of your teeth over a longer period of time.. The reason for teeth being sensitive to pain are mostly exposed tooth necks. If the gums have retracted due to periodontitis or mechanical impact, they no longer protect the underlying dentin tubules. These dentin tubules extend from the surface of the tooth to the nerve and if they are exposed, this can lead to severe pain. The top smile day care toothpaste has a pain-relieving effect and reduces the sensitivity of your teeth to pain after the first application. 

In addition, the top smile day care toothpaste contains highly effective fluoride, which hardens the tooth enamel and makes it less sensitive to acids. The teeth are protected from acids in food and become more resilient. Erosion is prevented. In addition, the metabolism of the bacteria is inhibited by the fluoride. Fluoride has a protective effect on teeth that has been proven in numerous studies.

Thanks to its low RDA value, the top smile day care toothpaste is not abrasive and  cleans your teeth extremely gently. This prevents the enamel from being worn away and damaged. Please always use toothbrushes with soft or medium bristles, such as those offered in the top smile line. 

Use: Brush your teeth twice a day. For the best possible result, we recommend that you use the top smile day care toothpaste in the morning for a longer period of time so that you start the day with optimally protected teeth, and in the evening the top smile night care toothpaste to strengthen your teeth overnight.
In the case of severe pain, you can also apply top smile day care toothpaste to particularly painful areas with your finger or a cotton swab, rub it in and leave it on like a day cream. The toothpaste satisfies with a wonderfully refreshing and pleasantly mild taste.