- Actively supports gum regeneration
- Soothes irritated gums
- Prevents bleeding gums
- Natural antibacterial effect
- Neutralises the pH value in the mouth
gum protect
- Intensive caries and erosion protection
- Hardening of the enamel for increased resistance to tooth-damaging acids
- Active remineralisation of enamel and dentin
- Inhibition of bacterial growth
gum protect
- Relieves pain sensitivity on 2 levels
- Immediate effect and long-lasting irritation relief
- Helps prevent further gum recession
med-protect sensitive logo
worseg-med-protect sensitive
- Removes nicotine and smoking deposits
- Gentle instant whitening effect
- Extra freshness for the breath
top smile smokers care
-Particularly suitable if coffee and tea are consumed
-Reduces existing and new tooth discoloration
-Substantial protection against cavities and tartar
top smile coffee & tea care
- Schutz vor dunklen Kronen-
und Implantaträndern
- Antibakterielle Wirkung dank
natürlicher Inhaltsstoffe
top smile dentures care
worseg-pro-smile-gum care

The right toothpaste
for every challenge­

Our teeth are exposed to different stressors. Worseg top smile offers you the right toothpaste for all kinds of different daily challenges. 


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worseg top smile day and night

challenge and chance

Protect the substance of your teeth by properly handling the challenges you are exposed to during the day. Take the chance and support the regenerative power of your teeth during the night. 

worseg pro smile day care night care

DAY - challenge

Acids and osmotic stimuli stress the tooth enamel and irritate exposed dentin.

Top smile day care protects the teeth from daily challenges.

NIGHT - chance

Tooth enamel, dentin, and gums have time to regenerate and absorb active ingredients.

Top smile night care strengthens the teeth with important nutrients.

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