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Worseg top smile
night care

Use the chance, night after night, to give your teeth a long-lasting shine. The Worseg top smile night care remineralizes and strengthens your teeth with an intensive combination of active ingredients. Trace elements ensure healthy gums and a fresh breath in the morning. The natural whiteness of your teeth is carefully preserved..

For a smile that changes the world. For a lifetime.
  • Neutralizes the pH value in the mouth
  • Strong caries and periodontal protection
  • Effective cleaning power
  • Remineralizes the tooth enamel
  • Prevents erosion
  • Maintains the natural whiteness of your teeth
  • Does not contain microplastics
  • Does not contain parabens
  • n a recycling tube
  • A product from Austria

…… to give the teeth a night time to regenerate.


The top smile night care toothpaste is a restorative and intensive caring product. It is rich in various study-proven ingredients that remineralize your teeth in different ways, reduce acid sensitivity, protect against tooth decay, care for your gums, and support their healing. In addition, an active ingredient has a particularly acid-neutralizing effect and thus strengthens the remineralizing effect of the top smile night care toothpaste formula.

We even recommend the top smile night care toothpaste to people with tooth enamel defects. Molar incisive hypomineralization (MIH), popularly known as "chalk teeth", is a variant of structural disorders in the hard tooth substance. MIH disease can even appear or become visible in young children. The teeth are less mineralized, more prone to caries and sometimes even sensitive to pain. Unfortunately, there is still no cure. Teeth that are particularly badly affected have to be treated with composites at the dentist. The affected person's teeth have white-yellowish-brown and / or speckled teeth because they are largely demineralized. The top smile night care toothpaste helps to remineralize the tooth enamel with calcium and fluoride that help to neutralize any acids and prevent attacks on the tooth enamel.

The fluoride also works as a caries prophylaxis making the tooth enamel more acid-resistant. In addition to the acid contained in food, caries bacteria excrete acid that also attack the tooth enamel. This can lead to worsening of the MIH condition.

Fluoride is therefore another ingredient that has an acid-neutralizing effect. It contains other active ingredients to strengthen and heal the gums. These care for the gums, prevent tartar and improve breath. 

The top smile night care toothpaste should be used in the evening before going to bed. Please do not rinse off the toothpaste residue so that the remaining film can work overnight. In combination with the top smile day care toothpaste in the morning you guarantee your teeth optimal protection, because the particularly gentle cleaning power preserves the remineralized enamel. 
After brushing, just spit out the rest of the toothpaste foam, but do not rinse it out so that the active ingredients remain on the teeth to act and remineralize them again.