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WORSEG top smile
night care

An intensive night care to strengthen the dental enamel through 6 different actions, without the use of parabens and microplastics.

  • for naturally white teeth
  • remineralizes the enamel
  • avoids the erosion of the enamel
  • prevention of caries and enamel
  • neutralizes acids that are harmful to the teeth
  • keeps the gums healthy

WORSEG top smile
day care

It also soothes the pain of sensitive teeth with immediate effect. Quadruple action without parabens and microplastics

  • preserves the natural whiteness of the teeth
  • prevents tooth decay and tartar
  • reduces sensitivity
  • small elements keep the gums healthy

WORSEG top smile
smokers care

Smoking is particularly harmful to teeth and gums, forms stains and the gums are weakened by harmful substances and poor blood circulation.

  • removes nicotine and smoke deposits
  • remineralization through Ca ++
  • instant whitening effect thanks to Blue Covarin *
  • Rich gum care, particularly refreshing

WORSEG top smile

Strawberry flavored dental gel for use from the first tooth. Without microplastics and parabens. 

  • fluoride strengthens the gums
  • inhibits the metabolism of bacteria in the mouth
  • vitamin E protects the gums 
Worseg Dentures Care 75ml

Worseg top smile
dentures care

Special toothpaste for crowns, implants and other prosthesis

  • Active protection against visibly dark crown and implant margins
  • Cares for and strengthens the gums/li>
  • Prevents bleeding and inflamed gums
Worseg Coffee & Tea Care 75ml

Worseg top smile
coffee & tea care

Particularly suitable for teeth with coffee and tea discoloration and stains 

  • Particularly suitable if coffee or tea are consumed
  • Reduces existing and new tooth discoloration
  • Substantial protection against cavities and tartar
Worseg Med Protect Gum

Worseg top smile
med-protect gum

Particularly suitable for irritated gums

  • Actively supports gum regeneration
  • Soothes irritated gums
  • Prevents bleeding gums
  • Natural antibacterial effect
  • Neutralises the pH value in the mouth
Worseg Med Protect Caries & Erosion

Worseg top smile
med-protect caries

For particularly caries-active phases

  • Intensive caries and erosion protection
  • Hardening of the enamel for increased resistance to tooth-damaging acids
  • Active remineralisation of enamel and dentin
  • Inhibition of bacterial growth
Worseg Med Protect Caries & Erosion

Worseg top smile
med-protect sensitive

Soothes sensitive, exposed dental necks

  • Relieves pain sensitivity on 2 levels
  • Immediate effect and long-lasting irritation relief
  • Helps prevent further gum recession

Worseg top smile
gum care serum

Hyaluronic acid and natural essences for vital gums

  • Cares for and strengthens the gums
  • Helps prevent bleeding and inflamed gums
  • Anti-aging effect thanks to hyaluronic acid

WORSEG top smile
interdental sticks

Effective and soft cleaning of interdental spaces

  • Soft and flexible
  • Thoroughly remove plaque and prevents bleeding gums
  • For teeth, implants, braces and dental bridges