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The top smile KIDS tooth gel contains a highly effective combination of various study-proven ingredients for the protection and care of children's teeth and gums. In order to optimally protect your child's teeth, the Worseg top smile KIDS has two different areas of activity. On the one hand the protection of the teeth or the tooth enamel and on the other hand the protection of the gums.

For a child's smile that enchants the world.
  • Fluoride hardens tooth enamel
  • It inhibits the metabolism of bacteria in the mouth
  • Vitamin E protects the gums
  • Promotes rapid wound healing
  • Protected gums when the milk teeth “break through”
  • Glitter and strawberry flavor make cleaning easier for younger children

TIP: For the best possible result, your children should clean their teeth twice a day. Only let smaller children brush their teeth under your supervision. Please do not forget that brushing your teeth is a challenging affair and that children cannot completely clean their teeth on their own. Please keep brushing your children's teeth until the child can write fluently cursive script.


The fluoride hardens the tooth enamel and makes it less sensitive to acid. This makes the children's teeth more resistant and less affected by the acid-induced breakdown of tooth enamel.  

In addition, the fluoride inhibits the metabolism of the bacteria , which through the metabolic breakdown of sugar produce and excrete even more acid than is present in food. The tooth-protective property of fluoride has long been proven many times in studies.

Vitamin E protects your child's gums. Especially during the eruption of the milk teeth and the change of teeth, the gums are particularly challenged and repeatedly experience small wounds. The vitamin E in our top smile KIDS tooth gel cares for the gums and can promote wound healing. 

To make brushing teeth more interesting for the little ones, the top smile KIDS tooth gel tastes like sweet strawberries and has funny glitter in it, that is guaranteed  without microplastics. In addition, the tooth gel is paraben-free.

Application note: When using it, make sure that your child does not swallow the top smile KIDS tooth gel if possible. According to the latest cleaning recommendations, use a small amount, the size of a grain of rice, for children ages 0 to 2 years old and an amount the size of a pea from age 2 onwards.